Water and Wastewater Services

 Year 2 Valve Maintenance program in Millbrook
PUG Service Corp. Operational staff will be performing valve maintenance on the Millbrook water distribution system.  This work will be performed generally Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, commencing on October 14, 2020 through October 20, 2020.  Operational staff will be working in the area south of King Street West from Cavan Street to Gravel Road.  If iron coloured water is detected, open your COLD water tap closest to the source for 20-30 minutes or until it clears up.  
Questions or concerns may be directed 
to PUG Service Corp. (Water Department ) at 705-748-9301 ext. 1295.

Residents in the Township of Cavan Monaghan are serviced by either the Municipal Water/Wastewater system in the Millbrook Ward or by private wells and septic systems in the Cavan and North Monaghan Wards. The Township is responsible for approximately:

  • 10,200 linear meters of sanitary pipe
  • 11,300 linear meters of water main
  • 132 sanitary manholes
  • 120 hydrants

The Township provides water and wastewater services to approximately 750 residents within the Millbrook Ward and Peterborough Utilities Group operates the:

  • Millbrook Water Treatment Facility
  • Millbrook Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • Bulk Water Filling Station
  • Water Storage Facility
  • Booster Pumping Station
  • Tupper Street Sewage Pumping Station
  • Water Distribution System
  • Wastewater Collection System
  • Storm Sewer System
  • Three Wells (high quality source of groundwater)

To report a watermain break or sewer back up call Peterborough Utilities Group at 705-748-9300.

Private Well & Septic System

Private well information: visit the Ministry of Environment or call 1-888-396-9355

Septic approvals and information: call the Peterborough County City Health Unit at 705-743-1000

Other Resources

Financial Plan for the Millbrook Distribution System

As part of the Ministry of Environment's Municipal Drinking Water License (MDWL) program, municipalities are required to prepare a Financial Plan for any large municipal residential drinking water systems they own and operate.

Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS)
Peterborough Utilities Service Inc. is committed to managing the drinking water system on behalf of the Township of Cavan Monaghan for the Village of Millbrook by effectively establishing, maintaining and continually improving its Drinking Water Quality Management System to help ensure its customers clean, safe drinking water at all times.
 Compliance Inspection Report
 Millbrook Drink Water System 2019-20 Compliance Inspection Report

Summary Report- Safe Drinking Water Act - Millbrook DWS

This report is completed based on the Ontario Clean Water Agency's records in accordance with Schedule 22 of O.Reg. 170/03, under the Safe Drinking Water Act which requires a Summary Report to be prepared no later than March 31st of each year for the preceding calendar year.

Section 12 of O. Reg. 170/03, requires both the Summary Report and the Annual Report be made available for inspection by any member of the public during normal business hours, without charge.