Flashing Green Light

Within our Township, volunteer firefighters use their own vehicles to travel to our halls when responding to emergency calls. These vehicles are sometimes equipped with flashing green lights that our volunteers will use to notify other drivers on the road that they are on route to an emergency.

Volunteers often respond to calls that require a fair distance of travel, in an emergency, sometimes it can be mere seconds that makes a difference in the outcome. The green light system is a proactive measure to help notify residents that the vehicle is responding to a call and if possible, allow them to pass and helping contribute to a quicker response time to the scene.

Volunteer firefighters traveling to an emergency have to abide by the Highway Traffic Act, meaning that they can not speed or drive through red lights. This tool is something that is used by volunteers across Ontario to help encourage drivers to be courteous and yield the right-of-way, allowing the vehicle to pass where and when it safe to do so.

“Flashing Green Light” signage is installed in our community to help spread awareness and clarity on the meaning behind the lights. The Township of Cavan Monaghan Fire Department encourages all residents to help spread the word to those who are unaware or who have never seen the lights before.