Pedestrian Crossovers

The Township is moving forward with the installation of the first pedestrian crossover in the County. This will be located across from Crestwood Secondary School, creating a safe crossing environment for residents in the Longview Drive, Fillman Crescent and Campbell Avenue subdivision. Below is some information regarding the rules and regulations regarding this new type of crossing.

As of January 1st, 2016, a new law that applies to pedestrian crossovers was introduced as part of Bill 31: Making Ontario's Roads Safer Act. The law provides municipal road authorities the ability to install pedestrian crossovers on low speed, low volume roads. More information about the law pertaining to pedestrian crossovers can be found through the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

What is a Pedestrian Crossover?

A pedestrian crossover is a designated crossing area that allows pedestrians to safely cross the road where vehicles must yield to the pedestrian. Pedestrian crossovers are identified by specific pavement markings and crossing signs.

Pedestrians have the right of way at pedestrian crossovers, drivers and cyclists must stop behind the yield line and wait until the pedestrian completely crosses the road before proceeding. All road users must obey pedestrian crossover rules, laws are in effect around- the- clock.

It is important that drivers, cyclists and pedestrians each know their role when approaching a pedestrian crossover.

  • Responsibilities of Drivers
  • Be prepared to stop for pedestrians
  • Stop behind the yield line
  • Make eye contact so pedestrian sees you
  • Wait until pedestrian completely crosses road before proceeding

For additional information please watch this video developed by the City of London:

Driving Safely at Pedestrian Crossovers

Responsibilities of Pedestrians
  • Indicate intention to cross
  • Wait for traffic to stop
  • Make eye contact to ensure driver sees you

For additional information please watch this video developed by the City of London:

Crossing Safely at Pedestrian Crossovers

Responsibilities of Cyclists
 When riding with traffic, follow rules for drivers