The Township of Cavan Monaghan is a lower tier municipality governed by a five member Council comprised of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and three Councillors who represent Wards 1, 2 and 3.  Cavan Monaghan is a part of the upper tier County of Peterborough with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor representing the Township on the Peterborough County Council.

Council members serve for a four year term of office. As part of their role as a Councillor, members also serve on a variety of Committees that support municipal operations.

2022-2026 Council

2023 Council Photo

Left to Right: Ward 2 Councillor Gerry Byrne; Deputy Mayor Ryan Huntley; Mayor Matthew Graham; Ward 3 Councillor Lance Nachoff and Ward 1 Councillor Nelson Edgerton.


Matthew Graham

Phone: 705-418-1615

Deputy Mayor Ryan Huntley
Deputy Mayor

Ryan Huntley

Phone: 705-760-1476

Councillor Nelson Edgerton
Ward 1 Councillor

Nelson Edgerton

Phone: 705-931-2301

Ward 2 Councillor Gerry Byrne
Ward 2 Councillor

Gerry Byrne

Phone: 705-927-5360

Ward 3 Councillor Lance Nachoff
Ward 3 Councillor

Lance Nachoff

Phone: 705-930-1879