How to Vote

Voters Guide - Ontario municipal council and school board elections

Voters Guide - Ontario municipal council and school board elections

 Register to Vote

If you are an Ontario resident over the age of 18 you can confirm or update your information in a few easy steps. You can also change your school board support for electoral purpose and add names to your property address. 

Updating this information will help to ensure the Municipal Voters Lists are accurate and up-to-date in preparation for Municipal and School Board Elections occurring October 24, 2022. 

Is your name on the Voters List?
Visit to confirm that your name is on the Voters List for the 2022 Municipal Election. 


 Voting Method (How to Vote)

For the 2022 Municipal Election, the Township of Cavan Monaghan will offer Internet or Telephone voting. Eligible electors will be able to vote from a mobile device, computer, telephone, cell phone, tablet, or laptop. Internet or telephone voting is a convenient option for electors, allowing them to access ballots anytime, anywhere.

Eligible voters will receive a personalized voting instruction package well before Election Day October 24, 2022 with details on how to vote online or by phone.

For the 2022 Election, voting will be open until 8 p.m. on October 24, 2022. 

Electronic voting stations will also be available at the Municipal Office during the voting period for public use. 

To learn more about Internet/Telephone voting, please watch the following video:


What's My Ward

At the July 5, 2021, Regular Council Meeting, Council approved By-law No. 2021-43 being a by-law to redivide the wards in the Township of Cavan Monaghan these wards will be used in the October 2022 and future elections. 

Township of Cavan Monaghan Interactive Ward Boundary Map  

More information is available on the "What's My Ward" page.