Roads and Transportation

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance, rehabilitation and construction of roads and other roads-related infrastructure (storm water management ponds, sidewalks, and streetlights) within the Township of Cavan Monaghan jurisdiction.  In 2020, the Township completed a review of the Township’s existing road network to assess physical conditions as well as confirm various road attributes. Data collected during the field review was used to develop a prioritized listing of the road network needs, the results of which are documented in a Roads Need Study Report.

The Public Works Department maintains approximately:

  • 21.73 km of paved roads
  • 144.75 km of surface treated roads
  • 68.17 km of gravel roads
  • 9,202 meters of sidewalks
  • 253 streetlights (complete the Streetlight Report Form to report a problem)

Township road maintenance may be done routinely each year, or on a complaint basis. If you have a question and/or concern about roads and/or roads-related infrastructure, please complete the Report an Concern/Issue Form or contact the Public Works Department at 705-932-9323.

For after hour emergencies, please call 705-926-0138.

Capital Projects

2022 Public Works Capital Works Map. Specific locations and lengths are subject to change.

Construction Projects

The Township of Cavan Monaghan completes their Road Construction Projects from May-September.  

County Projects

 Distillery Street Bridge
 In conjunction with the County of Peterborough, in 2015, the Distillery Street Bridge was rehabilitated and upgraded. The rehabilitation included abutment repair, deck repair, railing replacement, sidewalk repair, and guardrail installation at all four corners of the structure. The Township's responsibility for the project related to rehabilitation of sidewalks along the west side of the deck, new wheelchair ramps at both ends, landscaping, and curbing along the north side of Needler's Lane.
 Baxter Creek Bridge
 HP Engineering has been retained by the County of Peterborough to complete preliminary and detailed design activities and to undertake a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Study for the Baxter Creek Bridge, located on County Road 28, approximately 0.2 km south of Larmer Line, in the Township of Cavan Monaghan.