Community Improvement Plan

The Township of Cavan Monaghan has developed a tool to help build upon local goals for Downtown Millbrook. The Millbrook Community Improvement Plan is a municipal planning tool that allows Council to invest into the Millbrook shopping area. It provides financial incentives to support the renewal of private property.

There are five overall goals for the Millbrook Community Improvement Plan;

  • Beautification & Restoration
  • Redevelopment & Reuse
  • Diversification & New Uses
  • Connection & Integration
  • Unique Places & Spaces

The Township may provide financial incentives to eligible applicants within the Community Improvement Plan Area. The incentive programs are intended to encourage private investment and physical improvements to private property that contribute to the goals and objectives set out in the Plan. Financial Incentive programs are subject to annual budget approvals and available resources.

The Township of Cavan Monaghan has launched their 2020 Millbrook Community Improvement Plan (MCIP) Incentive Program. The launch of the program was delayed due to restrictions resulting from the COVID 19 pandemic.  Landowners and tenants of commercial, industrial, and mixed-use residential/commercial buildings in the MCIP area are eligible to apply for financial incentives under the Building & Site Improvement, Façade & Signage Improvement and Sidewalk Café Grant Programs