The Township of Cavan Monaghan is crossed by one major four-lane and one major two-lane, 115 and 7 respectively. A 35 minute drive south on Highway 115 provides direct access through Highway 401 to the City of Toronto to the west and our Nation's Capital Ottawa to the east.



The Township of Cavan Monaghan is host to the Peterborough Airport. Businesses at the airport employed about 382 people and the local aerospace industry, both on and off the airport, contributed 1,088 full-time equivalent jobs to the regional economy, according to the Airport Strategic Development Plan completed in 2017. The airport accounted for $103 million in gross domestic product and $71 million in labour income.

With its location relative to Montreal, Toronto and the United States border, the Peterborough region offers a strategic advantage for businesses interested in expanding or relocating to the area.

The Peterborough Airport is a leading facility that supports:

  • National and international aerospace manufacturing
  • Aircraft and engine overhaul and maintenance
  • Charter flights
  • Corporate and general aviation aerospace trades
  • Aviation and aerospace education
  • Tourism
  • Private aircraft owners and operators