The Township of Cavan Monaghan wants you to enjoy your swimming pool safely.

Does your pool require a permit?

Outdoor swimming pools are regulated by the Pool By-law and require a pool permit.

Also, any man-made pond, wading pool or other body of water more than 600 mm (24 inches) deep and located in a “built up area” as defined in the Pool By-Law requires a permit.

Temporary inflatable pools containing less than 600 mm (24 inches) of water do not need a pool permit.

A hot tub does not need a pool permit and does not need an enclosure or fence provided it has a secure, rigid cover.

Steps to take

  1. Before you apply for a building permit, please contact the Planning department by using the Land Use Inquiry form.  This will ensure your project will meet all the requirements of the Zoning By-laws. Without taking care of those things, it could delay or in some cases even change or stop your project.
  2. Plan your pool layout to meet all the requirements from the Planning department and the Pool By-law. Draw a site plan showing the location of the pool and distances from your lot lines, other structures, power lines, underground power, well, and septic system.
  3. You must also be careful about placing your pool too close to any underground or overhead power lines. There is information about distances in the Hydro One Building Near Power Lines brochure. For underground lines, use the Setbacks for Underground and Pad Mount Transformers.
  4. Call before you dig. You should verify that there are no underground services where you are going to put your pool. Contact Ontario One Call.
  5. Be sure to get an electrical permit for all electrical wiring relating to any pool or hot tub. You should have a qualified electrical contractor do this work for your own safety.
  6. Fill out the Pool Permit Information form and save it to your computer. This will be a required attachment in Cloudpermit.
  7. Fill out the pool permit application using Cloudpermit and submit it. 
  8. Install your pool and all the required fencing or enclosures.
  9. Request the inspection within your Cloudpermit application that you have made.

What is required?

For inground pools, you will need an enclosure or fence with a self-closing gate and the ability to lock it.

For above ground pools, you will either need an enclosure or fence, or, if the pool is at least 4 ft. high, you will need a ladder that folds up and locks. It must not be possible to climb the walls of the pool.

If you have a deck beside, or surrounding an above ground pool, care will have to be taken to make sure that entry to the pool is not accessible from the deck. This is usually accomplished by means of a 4' ft. high guard and lockable gate. It may also be possible to prevent access to the deck from ground level as well. Circumstances will vary. 

The Pool By-law defines the type and size of fences, gates and so on.

Inspection request

After your pool is complete and the required fence is installed, please request an inspection within your Cloudpermit application that you have made.