Inspection Requests

Inspections are very important for both you and the Township of Cavan Monaghan

Why inspect?

There are two reasons why you need to have inspections.

  • To make sure that your project will be safe and healthy.
  • Inspections are required by law.

It is the responsibility of the owner or someone authorized by the owner to make sure that all the scheduled inspections are requested.

When to inspect?

Your building permit has a list of the required inspections.

You will need to request each of the inspections in the list and each stage of inspection within each category.

 Inspection category

SOC01 - Readiness to construct footings

SOC02 - Reinforcing bar

SOC03 - Pre-sewer and water

SOC04 - Backfill

SOC05 - Under slab services

SOC06 - Concrete slab heating

SOC07 - Plumbing


SOC09 - Structural framing

SOC10 - Fireplace, solid fuel appliance, chimney

SOC11 - Insulation, vapour barrier, air barrier

SOC12 - Fire separation and protection

SOC13 - Swimming pools

SOC14 - Occupancy

SOC15 - Final

SOC16 - Solar

SOC17 - Commercial hoods and fire suppression

For certain projects, not all the inspections may be needed. However, you must check and make sure which inspections are required.

Occupancy or final inspection – there is a difference!

How are they different and why do I need them both?

  • An occupancy inspection makes sure that your building is safe to live in, but not everything may be complete. This is a legal requirement prior to anyone occupying the building.
    •  What needs to be finished (Residential)

      Water test results from Peterborough Public Health if you have a well.

      Water system functioning and complete with hot water.

      Septic system final certificate if you have a septic system.

      Building drains and sewers complete and tested if you are on town sewage.

      Building drainage and venting systems complete.

      All HVAC components installed, functioning and balanced, complete with a label on the HRV.

      All required exits.

      Exhaust fume barrier and self closing device on doors to attached garage.

      All required guards and railings. If decks are not finished or have no guards, access is blocked.

      All fire fire alarm and detection systems, and fire separations.

      Fully functioning electrical system.

      At least one fully functioning bathroom.

      A fully functioning kitchen.

      CSA approved fixtures throughout.

      Radon mitigation system in place if required.

  • A final inspection makes sure that your project is:
    • Completely finished
    • The permit is “closed”. This is important because lawyers will request this information prior to closing any real estate transactions.
    • In compliance with the legal requirements under the Buildng Code Act and Building Code.

You must always close a permit with the final inspection. 

Inspection times

We require a minimum of 24 hours' notice for the inspections.

You will be more likely to have your preferred day or time period if you make your request more than 24 hours ahead of time.

This will also allow us to use our resources in the best way possible.

We are open for inspections from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. weekdays excluding Holidays.

Please request either morning or afternoon. We usually do not have specific times for inspections unless it is necessary. If a specific time is necessary, it may change the day that you have requested.

Request inspection

If you are using Cloudpermit, open your permit and scroll down to the required inspection. Click on the inspection and choose the day. Next click on either the morning or afternoon. Your request is automatically submitted. Once accepted, it will show up as confirmed.

If you are using a paper permit issued prior to the implementation of Cloudpermit, please fill in the Inspection Request form and submit it. This is the preferred method.

If you do have to contact us by telephone, please have all the information required by the form.

You will need: Name, address, email, telephone number, permit number, type of inspection, preferred date and time period of inspection.

What happens next?

A Building Inspector will come to your project and make sure that everything is ready for you to continue to the next stage.

Cloudpermit users will have access to the report on their electronic permit. For paper permits the inspector will give you a copy of the inspection report for your records. 

If there are things which need correcting, the inspector will write that on the report they will leave with you.

You may then arrange for a re-inspection after the corrections are made.