Call Before You Dig

Before you dig a hole for your project in the Township of Cavan Monaghan, please be sure there are no underground services that could be damaged or cut off.

Why call first?

There could be telephone, gas, water, power or other underground services that you can't see.

If you accidently hit them, you could be seriously injured or even killed.

You may also have to pay to have the service repaired.

Who do I contact?

Ontario One Call will be able to help you locate your services.

You can submit a request online or by calling 800-400-2255.

NOTE:  If you are planning on building anything near underground power lines or pad mount transformers, there are strict guidelines about how close you can be. 

Please go to

For building near above ground power lines, please go to


There is no cost for this service. Ontario One Call is a not-for-profit organization that wants you to be safe.