Property Taxes

Property taxes are billed twice each year. The Interim bill is mailed the last week in January and the Final bill is mailed the first week in July of each year. Payments are due on the instalment due dates and payment options are available.

2023 Property Tax Newsletter

Calculation of Property Taxes

 Property tax payable on land and/or other buildings is based on three factors:
  • The phased in Current Value Assessment (CVA) of your property provided by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)
  • The tax class of your property
  • The tax rate for the Municipal, Education and County portion of the applicable tax class

Property taxes are calculated by multiplying the CVA by the combined tax rates for the applicable class of property.

Understanding your Property Tax Bill

Due Dates

There are four tax installment due dates:
  • February 28
  • May 31
  • August 31
  • October 31

Payments must be received at your financial institution and/or by the Township of Cavan Monaghan on or before the due date to avoid penalty and interest charges at 1.25% monthly, applied on the first day of each month of default. Failure to receive your tax bill does not remove your responsibility for payment on or before the due date, nor will late payment charges be removed from the account. As per the Township's collection policy "any notice sent by ordinary mail is considered delivered to and received by the addressee unless the notice is returned by the Post Office or an error in the mailing address is proven."

Please note: When a due date falls on a weekend, the following business day is given as a grace day.

MPAC Property Assessments

MPAC Property Assessment Notices are mailed to property owners throughout the year to inform them of changes made to their property information.

To learn more about how to read your Property Assessment Notice from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) visit

As part of the Ontario Government’s Ontario Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review the Province decided to once again postpone a province-wide property assessment update due to the pandemic.
Property assessments for the 2022 and 2023 property tax years will continue to be based on January 1, 2016 current values.

For additional information about your MPAC Property Assessment please visit or call the MPAC Customer Contact Center Toll Free 1 866 296-6722 or TTY 1 877 889-6722.

Supplementary and/or Omitted Assessment 

A Supplemental Tax Bill is issued by the municipality when a property's assessed value has been amended or classification has changed because of improvements to the property or a change in its use. If you have received a Supplemental Tax Bill, this is a result of the MPAC Property Assessment Change Notice provided to an owner due to a supplementary or omitted assessment.

Supplementary assessment is a “change event” resulting in additional property assessment occurring in the current year and is added to the tax roll in the current year.

Omitted assessment is additional property assessment that should have been assessed by MPAC and was omitted from the tax roll for the current taxation year and/or any part of the two preceding taxation years.

A property tax statement for a property is also provided along with the supplemental tax bill, for reference and convenience. Please note the specific installment due date(s) on the supplemental billing.

  • If you are enrolled in the monthly pre-authorized payment program, please contact the municipality to arrange payment of this supplemental amount.
  • If your mortgage company is responsible for paying your property taxes, please forward them your supplemental tax bill.

Please feel free to contact the municipality for additional clarification.

MPAC - changing your school support

As a property owner in Ontario, you are required to support a school system, even if you do not have children or your children are not currently attending school. You can view and update your school support designation online via an online portal if you are a residential property owner or a tenant registered with MPAC.  Please visit the following MPAC link for additional information, guide and access portal

A registered owner may order a reprint of a Final Property Tax Bill (billing) or an updated Property Tax History statement (billing & payments). Please click here to place the order.

As per the current User Fees & Charges By-law a $5 fee for reprint/report fee is applicable.