Stoop and Scoop


Now that the weather is starting to warm up it is important to remember to keep our community clean.  Please be a responsible pet owner and remove and dispose of dog waste properly.  Here are some things you may not know about dog waste:

  • Dog poop is classified as a pollutant not a fertilizer and can destroy grass!
  • Some dog poop contains harmful organisms such as E.coli and parasitic worms!
  • Rain washes dog poop into water systems infiltrating drinking and swimming water!
  • Dog poop creates a hazard for other animals as well as humans!
  • It is a dog owner's responsibility to clean up after their pet

As per Section 13 of the Township's dog registration and licensing by-law, very person who owns, retains, possesses, harbours, keeps or is in control of a dog shall immediately remove any excrement or waste left by the dog on any property in the municipality, and shall dispose of excrement of waste in an appropriate sanitary manner.