Parks, Playgrounds and Trails

The Township of Cavan Monaghan has a number of parks and playgrounds throughout the Township. They are maintained from Victoria Day to October 31 of each year unless otherwise indicated.

Parks & Playgrounds

Cedar Valley Park

Located on the Cedar Valley Rd., Cedar Valley Park is a community green-space with play equipment and a half-court basketball court for children to enjoy.

Edgewood Park

Located near the Hamlet of Mount Pleasant, Edgewood Park is a small green-space with a swing set and playground that serves the residents of the Edgewood Park subdivision.

Maple Leaf Park

Located at 1473 County Road 10, Maple Leaf Park contains two baseball diamonds and two soccer pitch. Over the past few years the playground equipment has been replaced and is located on the south end of the property. In 2009 Council approved a new structure which is home to a concession booth and accessible washrooms. Maple Leaf Park is primarily used for baseball and soccer; however, family reunions and picnics often utilize the park for outdoor recreation.

Medd's Mountain

Located adjacent to Millpond Park, Medd's Mountain serves as a natural parkland for the environmentalist at heart.

Millpond Park

Surrounding the Old Mill, Millpond Park serves as a peaceful resting area for residents of, and visitors to the Township of Cavan Monaghan. One of the most picturesque locations within the municipality, Millpond Park contains picnic areas and maintained green-space around the Millpond. Millpond Park acts as host for the Millbrook & District Lions Club Fishing Derby held every year on the opening day of fishing season.

Peace Park

Located at 2199 Davis Rd within the boundaries of North Monaghan Ward, Peace Park is primarily natural parkland area with a small playground structure for children to enjoy.

Station Park

This park has a reproduction of an open-air structure that features a roofline that mirrors the design from the former Millbrook Train Depot. The creation of the park has provided a scenic and tranquil location for people to relax and enjoy the rich heritage our community has to offer.

Whitfield Landing

Located on the west bank of the Otonabee River this free boat launch and picnic area is open to residents and visitors from Victoria Day to the 3rd weekend of November. Parking is available.

Old Millbrook School

Located in Millbrook at 1 Dufferin Street, the Old Millbrook School is a designated heritage building. It is utilized by The Old School Family Centre, Millbrook Branch Library, Community Policing, Millbrook Community Garden and the Millbrook and District Food Share. The Old Millbrook School is situated on an expansive green-space that is utilized for outdoor recreation and the community garden. There is a small skateboard park adjacent to the playground.


The Millbrook Valley Trails are a passive use walking trail starting from Medd's Mountain Conservation Area and looping around Millbrook through the Oak Ridges Moraine.

The Millbrook Valley Trails are overseen by the Township of Cavan Monaghan through the Millbrook Valley Trails Advisory Committee. The Committee plays a central role in the development and operation of the trail system by providing direction, technical advice, volunteer labour, special events promotion, trail monitoring, and planning work.

There is no winter maintenance on the Millbrook Valley Trails. Dogs are welcome on the trail, providing they are on a leash and have responsible poop and scoop owners. Hikers are reminded to stay on the trail and not trespass on private property.

Cavan Monaghan Trails Master Plan 

Motorized vehicles and horseback riding are not permitted. Hunting is only permitted on the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resource (OMNR) Provincial Fishing Area south of the Zion 4th line. Hunting is not permitted on Township owned land or Conservation Authority owned land (Medd's Mountain).