Building a deck in the Township of Cavan Monaghan

Before you get a Building permit

Before you apply for a building permit, please contact the Planning department by using the Land Use Inquiry form.  This will ensure your project will meet all the requirements of the Zoning By-laws. Without taking care of those things, it could delay or in some cases even change or stop your project.

Do I need a building permit for a deck?

  • You do not need a permit if it is not attached to the building and is not more than 600 mm (24 inches) above the ground at any point.
    • However, it must meet all zoning regulations.
  • In all other cases a building permit is required.

What is required?

A deck can be simple or very complex.

However, even a simple deck must be built to meet certain requirements.

Here are two sources of helpful information we have provided:

If you are not familiar with how the tables and other information in the guide work, we recommend that you have a qualified designer draw the plans for your project.

Building Permit

Please complete a Building Permit application and submit it with all the required information.