Address and Name Changes

As per the Municipal Act, 2001 the supply of water is a public utility fee that has Priority Lien Status, O Reg 581/06. Under this regulation fees and charges that are imposed by a municipality or local board under the Act for the following services and added to the tax roll under subsection 398 (2) of the Act have priority lien status as described in section 1 of the Act: for the supply of water, for the supply of artificial or natural gas, for the supply of steam or hot water, for the use of a sewage system, for the use of a waste management system. O. Reg. 581/06, s. 1; O. Reg. 566/07, s. 1.

The water and wastewater utility bill is activated under priority lien status and set up under the name and address of the property owner, as registered on title by deed at the Land Registry office. As a property owner, you have the opportunity to have your utility bill mailed to an alternate address (Address Change) or to change the name on your utility bill to a designate (Name Changes to Designate - Tenant or Agent).

Address Change

You have the opportunity to have your utility bill mailed to an alternate address.  You must be a property owner, as registered on the property, and submit your authorization to the Water & Wastewater (W&WW) department.  Verbal requests are not accepted.  Please complete the online form.

Name Changes to Designate (Tenant or Agent)

To change the name on your utility bill, you must provide the Water & Wastewater (W&WW) department with authorization, as a property owner, including the designate name and address information.  The municipality will not discuss a utility bill with any other person, other than the property owner or the designate.  Verbal requests are not accepted.  Please have the owner of the property complete this form.

 Property Owner
  • If your designate is receiving the utility bill, you still remain responsible for the full payment of all utility bills. The property owner may request the billing be forwarded to a designate however, this does not transfer responsibility for payment.
  • You are responsible for keeping the municipality informed of any changes to a designate (i.e. new tenant/agent). You must provide authorization whenever there is a designate change.
  • Your designated agent is appointed by you to receive utility bills and notices, make payments and grant the municipality access to the property for purposes relating to the provisions of water and wastewater services.
 Designate (Tenant or Agent)
You are required to remain up-to-date with your utility bill payments. If you do not pay a utility bill by the due date, the following methods of collection are used as per the Water & Wastewater Fees & Collections Policy:
  • All accounts outstanding after the due date are subject to a penalty and interest charges at 1.25% monthly, applied on the first day of each month of default. Penalty is charged on the first day following the due date.
  • Accounts in arrears are eligible for submission to a third party collections agency.
  • Accounts over 90 days in arrears will be transferred to the property owner’s tax account for collection, plus associated fees.

The municipality reserves the right to cancel designate authorization, for any reason and at any time, which will default the utility billing to the original property address on the municipal roll.

You can submit your utility Address Change or Name Change to Designate to the Municipality by fax, mail, email or in person:
Township of Cavan Monaghan
988 County Road 10
Millbrook, ON, L0A 1G0
Phone: (705) 932-2929
Fax: (705) 932-3458