Notice of Complete Application and Public Meeting Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment - County Road 10

Key Map for zoning by law amendment 07-23
In accordance with the provisions of the Planning Act, as amended, this Notice is to advise that the Township of Cavan Monaghan Planning Department received a complete application for a Zoning By law Amendment. The Application applies to lands located in part of Lot 13, Concession 10 (Cavan) in the Hamlet of Ida. 

The Zoning By-law Amendment is required to permit the construction of a single detached dwelling and
associated accessory buildings on the lot created by severance. The file number associated with the
Peterborough County severance application is B-176-22. The lot is slightly irregular to support the
recommendations of the Environmental Report.

The Zoning By-law Amendment application was received by the Township on September 22, 2023 and
deemed complete on October 5, 2023. 

Subject Lands

A key map showing the location of the property is provided below.    
key map of property

The lands subject to the Zoning By-law Amendment are approximately 34.6 hectares (85.6 acres) in size with approximately 675 metres (2218 feet) of frontage on County Road 10, 150 metres (485 feet) of frontage on Morton Line and 8 metres (26 feet) of frontage on Sharpe Line. The property is currently undeveloped and supports an agriculture use and natural heritage features. 

Purpose and Effect of Zoning By-law Amendment Application

The lands subject to the Application are currently zoned the Future Residential (FD) Zone, the Agricultural (A) Zone, the Natural Linkage (NL) Zone, and the Natural Core (NC) Zone on Map C-3 to By-law No. 2018-58, as amended.

The purpose and effect of the Zoning By-law Amendment will:
  1. Rezone a portion of the subject lands from the Future Development (FD) Zone to the Hamlet Residential (HR) Zone,
  2. Rezone a portion of the subject land from the Agricultural (A) Zone to the Agricultural Exception Twenty-Two (A-22) Zone. The minimum lot area requirement in the A-22 Zone is 11.5 hectares (28.4 acres); and 
  3. Maintain the existing Natural Linkage (NL) and Natural Core (NC) Zones.

Additional information about the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment is available for inspection online at through the notice listed below or by contacting the Director of Planning at  or 705-932-9334.
Public Meeting
Township Council will hold a Public Meeting in accordance with Section 34 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, as amended for the Zoning By-law Amendment application ZBA-07-23 (McCamus) as follows:

Meeting Date: Monday, November 6, 2023
Location: Township of Cavan Monaghan Council Chambers 988 County Road 10, Millbrook
Time: 1 p.m.
The purpose of the Public Meeting is to provide more information about the Application and provide an opportunity for public input.

To Speak at the Public Meeting or Provide Written Comments

Any person may attend the public meeting and make written and/or verbal representation either in support of or in opposition to the proposed Amendment. If you are unable to attend the meeting, written submissions may be submitted and should include a request for further notice, if desired. Written submissions must be received by the Clerk’s Office no later than 9 a.m. on November 6, 2023.

If you wish to view the public meeting in real time, but do not wish to speak to the application, the meeting will be hosted on the Township YouTube Channel at: 

The meeting will also be recorded and available after the meeting for public viewing on the same platform.

Personal information as defined by the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
(MFIPPA) is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001, and in accordance with the
provision of MFIPPA. Personal information collected in relation to materials submitted for an agenda
will be used to acknowledge receipt, however, please be aware that your name is subject to disclosure
by way of publication of the agenda. If you have questions about this collection, use and disclosure of
this information, please contact the Clerk’s Department at 705-932-9326.

In accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, the Township of Cavan
Monaghan is pleased to accommodate individual needs of anyone wishing to attend Council meetings.
Please call 705-932-2929 or email the Township Clerk if you require an accommodation to ensure your
needs are met prior to the meeting.
Right to Appeal

If a person or public body does not make oral submissions at a public meeting or make written submissions to the Township of Cavan Monaghan in respect of the Zoning By-law Amendment before Council approves or refuses to approve the Amendment, the person or public body is not entitled to appeal the decision of the Township to the Ontario Land Tribunal. 

If a person or public body does not make oral submissions at a public meeting or make written submissions to the Township of Cavan Monaghan before the Council approves or refuses to approve the Amendment, the person or public body may not be added as a party to the hearing of an appeal before the Ontario Land Tribunal unless, in the opinion of the Tribunal, there are reasonable grounds to do so.
To Be Notified

If you wish to be notified of the decision of the Council of the Township of Cavan Monaghan on the Zoning By-law Amendment, you must make a written request to the Clerk in one of the following ways:

By email at

  • By Fax at 705-932-3458
  • In person at 988 County Road 10, Millbrook
  • By regular mail or courier to Township of Cavan Monaghan, 988 County Road 10, Millbrook ON L0A 1G0

Dated at the Township of Cavan Monaghan this 12th day of October, 2023