Water and Wastewater Master Servicing Plan


The Township of Cavan Monaghan is committed to delivering responsive and cost effective services to provide for the economic, social and environmental well-being of its ratepayers now and into the future. Millbrook is currently the only serviced urban settlement area within the Township, with water and sanitary infrastructure including a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and Elevated
Water Storage Tank. Un-serviced hamlet areas include Bailieboro, South Monaghan, Fraserville, Springville, Five Mile Turn, Mount Pleasant, Ida and Cavan. Hamlets are generally serviced by private wells and/or septic systems.

Problem and Opportunity

With the recent connection of Hwy 407 to Hwy 115, there is opportunity for Township improvements and growth in terms of employment, community services and residential living. As such, the Township of Cavan Monaghan is undertaking a Water and Wastewater Master Servicing Plan to develop a plan to identify key improvements to the existing water and wastewater infrastructure to service the current and future needs of
the Township.

The focus of the study will be the analysis of the Millbrook urban settlement area, including future development within the existing urban area (in accordance with the Township of Cavan Monaghan Official Plan (Amended January 2018)), while accommodating the future vision of servicing beyond the settlement boundary.

While the proposed development poses significant challenges to the Township, Cavan Monaghan is committed to providing efficient and sustainable infrastructure while ensuring that any development within the community preserves or enhances the environment for the betterment of future generations. Preferred solution(s) will be prioritized and implemented in phases to address immediate needs, intermediate goals and long-term growth, and shall generally:

  • Comply with applicable regulations to provide adequate water and wastewater servicing
  • Comply with the Official Plan (2018) while accommodating future vision of servicing beyond the settlement boundary
  • Consider stakeholder comments and concerns
  • Be financially viable
  • Be technically feasible and operationally sustainable
  • Be socially and environmentally responsible

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