Notice of Online Public Information Centre #1 MacIntosh Bridge

Map of MacIntosh Bridge

The Corporation of the County of Peterborough (County) is preparing for the replacement,
rehabilitation, retirement, or repurposing of the MacIntosh Bridge located on Preston Road. The
structure is located approximately 0.35 km south of the intersection with County Road 9 in the
Township of Cavan-Monaghan. The MacIntosh Bridge conveys north-south traffic over Jackson

The County has retained D.M. Wills Associates Limited (Wills) to undertake the Municipal Class
Environmental Assessment (Municipal Class EA) for the project.

The proposed work is considered to be a Schedule ‘A+’ undertaking in accordance with the Municipal
Class EA. Subject to Class EA approval, including comments received as a result of this Notice and
future Public Information Centres (PICs), the County intends to proceed with the planning, design and
implementation of the preferred alternative solution as recommended in the Project File.
Public and agency consultation is an important component of the Class EA process. Public and
agency input are invited for incorporation into the planning and design of the project. The first of two
PICs will be online with documents available for review at the following link: 

The link will be active from Monday August 10th to Friday August 28th, 2020. The PIC will consist of
project files and display material that will be available for viewing on demand in an online setting. The
purpose of this online PIC is to provide additional information, identify the nature of the work and
solicit feedback, comments and questions. The date, time, and location for PIC #2 will be provided in
future correspondence and will also be advertised in a notice in advance.

If you are interested in providing comments or receiving further information on this project please
contact the following individuals:

Zach Staples, P.Eng.
Structural Engineering Department
D.M. Wills Associates Ltd.
150 Jameson Drive
Peterborough, ON K9J 0B9
p. 705.742.2297 ext.251

Kendra Reid, P.Eng.
Engineering & Design
County of Peterborough
310 Armour Road
Peterborough, ON K9J 1Y6
p. 705.775.2737 ext.3202

Comments and information regarding this study are being collected to assist in meeting the
requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act. These comments will be maintained on file for
use during the study in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. All
comments, with the exception of personal information, will become part of the public record. If you
have any accommodation requirements in order to participate in this project, please contact one of
the project team members listed above.

Notice issued: Monday July 27th, 2020