Water and Sewer Rates and Due Dates

The municipality will waive all late payment penalties for any invoices due during the COVID-19 pandamic until October 31, 2020. Tap or contactless payments are encouraged. Other payment options remain available.

The Township's bills include charges for water and wastewater services. The charge for each service includes a fixed charge and a metered charge.

  1. Fixed Charge - This cost does not change and appears the same on every bill. For example, in 2020, residents that have the standard 15 mm meter will have a fixed water charge of $65.35 and a fixed sewer charge of $120.94, therefore, giving a total fixed charge of $186.29.
  2. Metered Charge - This cost is a variable charge and is dependent upon individual consumption. For example, in 2020, residents will pay $1.82 per cubic meter for water and $2.49 per cubic meter for sewer.

A 2020 Water & Wasterwater bill example, assuming a consumption of 0.5 cubic meters/day (30 cubic meters in 60 days), would be calculated as follows;

  • $74.70 -Sewer Variable charges (30 cubic meters x $2.49/cubic meter)
  • $120.94 - Sewer Fixed charges
  • $54.60 - Water Variable charges (30 cubic meters x $1.82/cubic meter)
  • $65.35 - Water Fixed charges
    $315.59 Total Water & Wastewater bill (60 day period)

If averaged over a 30 day period, this would equal a monthly billing of approximately $158.00

Water & Wastewater Approved Rates (2016-2020)

Water and Sewer Due Dates

Your meter is read on a bimonthly basis and bills are sent to residents via mail.

Payment due dates are:

• January 30

• March 30

• May 30

• July 30

• September 30

• November 30

Making Payment

There are a range of payment options available to you.


All accounts outstanding after the due date are subject to a one-time penalty charge of 10%. Penalty is charged on the first day following the due date.

I think my bill is too high, what can I do?

In the event there is a dispute regarding meter accuracy, you can request a meter dispute test by contacting the Public Works Clerk. Following the initial request, a staff member will go out and perform tests on the meter. If the Township determines the meter is operating adequately a meter dispute charge of $100.00 will be added to your account. If the meter is dysfunctional, there is no charge to the customer.

Resources on Water and Wastewater Rates