Christmas Decorations Disposal Guide

Now that the holidays are over many of you will be starting the clean-up process.  Below is a guide as to where items can be disposed of.  If you don't find what you are looking for please visit the County of Peterborough's searchable waste portal and enter in the specific item you are looking to get rid of.

Christmas Trees (Real)

  • Christmas trees may be dropped off at the County Road Yards (1111 County Road 10) for free during business hours. All decorations, tree stands and bags must be removed. 

Christmas Trees (Artificial)

Greeting Cards

  • Most paper items are recyclable, provided they don't contain grease, food residue or a wax coating. Things like glue, tape, staples and envelope windows are ok. Even glossy magazines are accepted; but be sure to remove any plastic wrapper.


  • Electric and Electronic items require special handling to recover the materials they're made from. Please bring them to an electronics recycling location such as the Pido Road MHSW Depot. Be sure to remove any batteries from the device (these locations accept the batteries too).

Natural Christmas Tree Decorations

  • No plastic bags are permitted. Use paper yard bags or reusable open containers that can be emptied on-site. Bring to a drop-off location for yard waste, such as the Bensford Road Landfill. Disposal fees may apply.

Gift Bags & Wrap

  • Gift cards, bags and wrap are accepted for fibre recycling, but only if they are 100% paper. Ribbons, rope handles, foil-type paper and cards with glitter are all detrimental to the recycling process, so please put these in the garbage. Best advice is if you're not sure if it should be recycled, then it probably belongs in the garbage.

Christmas Ornaments

  • Consider donating items in good condition to an organization that can use them. Items that are more than 50% metal can often be recycled as scrap metal.