Community Improvement Plan Expansion Project

The Community Improvement Plan Expansion (CIP-E) was developed as an initiative to expand the offerings of the Millbrook Community Improvement Plan (MCIP). The CIP-E has been prepared from a detailed review of background documents, consultation with members of the public, Township Staff and Technical
Advisory Committee (TAC) members, and an analysis of the community development goals for the Township.

The CIP-E is intended to be utilized in tandem with the MCIP. The CIP-E specifically is intended to incentivize private investment which maintains and improves the character and resiliency of the local communities across both the urban and rural areas of the Township.

Across the urban and rural areas of the Township, the CIP-E has been developed to help support a variety of community improvement projects which align with the following goals:

  • Increase the supply and diversity of housing, including affordable and attainable housing which serves the needs of all residents;
  • Create vibrant and engaging public and private spaces while maintaining community character;
  • Respect and preserve cultural heritage and natural resources;
  • Promote the development and redevelopment of employment lands and buildings and increase local employment opportunities;
  • Promote rural and on-farm economic opportunities which are locally appropriate;
  • Support the achievement of complete communities which are socially, economically and environmentally resilient and sustainable

The CIP-E introduces several new incentive programs. The new programs include:

  • Development Charges Rebate;
  • Heritage Conservation Grant;
  • Technology Improvement Grant;
  • Secondary Suites Grant;
  • Rural and Agricultural Economic Development Grant;
  • Sustainability Grant;
  • Business Retention and Expansion Grant; and
  • Vacant Lands Tax Assistance.

Section 4.0 of the CIP-E outlines the full details of the new incentive programs.  

Applications to the CIP-E or the MCIP are not being received at this time.  

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