Community Improvement Plan Expansion Project

The Township of Cavan Monaghan, in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food & Rural Affairs, is expanding the existing Community Improvement Plan (CIP) to enable eligible businesses throughout the Township to access financial incentives.  

A CIP is a land use planning tool (legislated under the Planning Act) that provides a framework for revitalizing, beautifying and promoting economic development in defined areas of a Municipality.  The CIP also identifies capital improvements and initiatives that may be undertaken in partnership with the Township during the life of the Plan. 

The Township has hired D.M. Wills Associates Ltd. to lead the project.  A virtual Open House, via Zoom, was held November 24, 2021 to seek input from the community on potential programs to be added to the existing framework.  You can view that open house on the Township's YouTube Channel.

Wills prepared a Background Report (Report) on behalf of the Township of Cavan Monaghan (Township) to summarize the pertinent information in support of the expansion of the existing Community Improvement Plan (CIP).  The Report provided an overview of the legislated framework governing the creation and expansion of CIPs, summarized the applicable local policy and municipal initiatives, and detailed existing business and employment considerations. The Background Report also provided a preliminary assessment, based on a review of the foregoing, of factors for consideration in expansion of the Township’s CIP to apply across and throughout the Township.

The Background Report informed the Directions Report which was prepared by Wills and presented to Council at the February 7, 2022 Meeting.  The presentation is available for viewing on the Township's YouTube Channel.  The Directions Report provides an overview of the recommended incentive programs available to the various businesses and geographies within the Township. The identified programs include existing incentives that may be expanded to include businesses outside of the Millbrook CIP and proposed new programs.

The expansion project is now moving into Phase 3 which is to prepare the Draft CIP.  Subscribe to this page for updates on the progress of the project.  For more information please contact Staff: Brigid Ayotte Tel: 705-932-9339 email: or the Project Planners at the emails provided below:

Emma Drake, M.Sc.                                         Diana Keay, MCIP, RPP
Intermediate Land Use Planner                  Project Manager