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The Township of Cavan Monaghan offers a number of facilities that can be rented.  For more information please contact  Lisa Killingbeck, Parks and Facilities Administrative Assistant at 705-932-9337. 


Community Centre

Located at 4 Needler's Lane, Millbrook, the Cavan Monaghan Community Centre consists of one refrigerated artificial ice surface slab that facilitates winter ice for hockey, figure skating, and pleasure skating. The concrete slab is also utilized for summer activities and special events on a fee for service basis.

The Cavan Monaghan Community Centre also contains a second story hall that seats 212 patrons. The facility is not licensed by the Liquor License Board of Ontario.  The Municipal Alcohol Policy does not allow Special Occasion Permits in any Township facilities.  

Interior Arena Ice Location: 4 Needler's Lane, Millbrook


For Rent

  • Ice Rental (Winter)
  • Arena Floor (Summer)
  • Hall Rental


Rental Fees: Fees and Charges By-Law

Rental Contact: Lisa Killingbeck, 705-932-9337




Municipal Office

Located at 988 County Road 10, the Cavan Monaghan Municipal Office serves the residents of the municipality in an administrative capacity.

Cavan Monaghan Municipal Office Location: 988 County Rd 10, Millbrook



  • Council Chambers 
  • Municipal Offices

For Rent:

  • Gymnasium
  • Committee Room

Rental Fees: Fees and Charges By-Law

Rental Contact: Lisa Killingbeck, 705-932-9337


Old Millbrook School

Located in Millbrook at 1 Dufferin Street, the Old Millbrook School is a designated heritage building. It is utilized by The Old School Family Centre, Millbrook Branch Library, Community Policing, Millbrook Community Garden and the Millbrook and District Food Share. The Old Millbrook School is situated on an expansive green-space that is utilized for outdoor recreation and the community garden.

Old Millbrook School Location: 1 Dufferin Street, Millbrook


  • LifeLabs Medical Laboratories - Wednesday and Friday from 7 a.m. - 11 a.m.
  • Millbrook Branch Library
  • The Old School Family Centre
  • Millbrook District Food Share
  • Green-space
  • Millbrook Community Garden

For Rent

  • Dorothy Stevens Room

Rental Fees: Fees and Charges By-Law

Rental Contact: Lisa Killingbeck, 705-932-9337


Maple Leaf Park

Located at 1473 County Road 10, Maple Leaf Park contains two baseball diamonds and two soccer pitches. Playground equipment is located on the south end of the property. In 2009 Council approved a new structure which is home to a concession booth and accessible washrooms. Maple Leaf Park is primarily used for baseball and soccer; however, family reunions and picnics often utilize the park for outdoor recreation.

Ball Field Maple Leaf Park Location:  1473 County Rd 10, Cavan Monaghan 



  • For Rent
    • Two baseball diamonds 
    • Two soccer pitches
  •  Playground & Park
    • Green-space
    • Picnic area
    • Picnic Shelter
    • Concessions

Rental Fees: Fees and Charges By-Law

Rental Contact: Lisa Killingbeck, 705-932-9337

All charges associated with these rentals can be found in the Fees & Charges By-Law or by contacting the Parks and Facilities Department staff.  


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