By-laws in Common Use

Some of the most commonly requested by-laws that were adopted prior to 2013 are listed below.  As of 2013 each by-law adopted in the Township of Cavan Monaghan will be added to the website, with the exception of the by-laws to confirm the proceeding of each meeting.

If you would like a signed and sealed copy of any by-law, please contact the Clerk's Office by phone at 705-932-9326.

The following documents are displayed in PDF format and require Acrobat Reader  (also called Adobe Acrobat). If you do not have this application, you can download it for free at

 By-law No.  Available By-law


Development Charges Delayed Payment Agreement between the Township of Cavan Monaghan and J.K.R. Realty Limited


Traffic and Parking 
2019-13  User Fee and Charges By-law (Amendments 2019-26)
2017-50  Noise By-law (Amendments 2018-08 and 2018-11)
2019-12  Procurement of Goods and Services
2017-61  Property Standards
2018-29  Traffic and Parking
2014-21  Respect in the Workplace - Bill 168
2018-18  Development Charges (Amendment to 2015-38)
2011-49  Parkland Use
2012-06  Waste Management
2012-27  Dumping of Fill and Alteration of Grade
2012-59  Pool By-law


 Water and Sewer User Fees
2014-06  Disposal of Refuse, Debris and Snow within the Township of Cavan Monaghan
2016-31  Discharge of Firearms

 Respecting Smoking in the Township

2018-13  Procedural By-law
2015-36  Revised Burn By-law
2016-23  Municipal Complaint Policy 
2016-07  Disposition of Land

 Personnel Policy


 Council Code of Conduct

Municipal Complaint Policy

By-law Enforcement

By-law Enforcement personnel provide a proactive and reactive service to the general public to ensure that by-laws are being complied with, as well as investigate complaints by responding to the concerns of those individuals who have contacted the Township regarding a specific issue.
Written complaint forms are required before staff can start an investigation into a by-law issue.  Forms can be mailed, submitted in person to the municipal office, or emailed to the Chief Building Official & By-law Enforcement Officer.
Chief Building Official & By-law Enforcement Officer

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